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Get Up when you Sit Down!

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According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, women who sit six or more hours a day

“have a 37 percent higher death rate then those who sit less than three hours a day.”

“A sedentary lifestyle increases your risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, and pulmonary embolisms (blood clots that travel to the lungs).

It can even increase the size of your fat cells.” 

If you are glued to your desk due to your job, try taking intermittent  breaks with these ideas:

  • Walk around your office (barefoot if you are in heals) while making that conference call.
  • Replace your desk chair for a ball and take “bounce breaks.” Also, laying backwards for a few minutes every few hours help to stretch those slumped shoulders.
  • Every hour take a ‘water cooler’ break.  Even a short jaunt down the hall counts.
  • On your lunch hour take a brisk walk (in tennis shoes, not heals!). If it’s too hot or cold outside, go to your nearest indoor shopping mall (if you can resist stopping to shop.)
  • When you are sitting, watch your posture. Sitting up straight allows oxygen to flow to the brain more readily, ultimately making you more productive.
  • Take your shoes off while at your desk circling your ankles and pointing and flexing your feet. Your feet have more muscles and bones then any other body part. Take care of them.

Author: Alison B. Marsh

Hi! I'm Alison B. Marsh. I am a Pilates instructor and owner of AM Pilates & Posture in Las Vegas, NV. I am also the creator of DK Body Pregnancy Pilates certification and blogger at Pre & Postnatal Pilates Education I am a wife to Chris, mother to Madison and Daniel (both adopted), Step-mother to Caitlyn and Kirsten, and mother to Zechariah born in July 2015, our first biological child. Feel free to contact me at

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