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Farewell to Miss Saggy Saggerson

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Loss of muscle mass can begin in sedentary women (that is, women who don’t move much) as young as the age of 25!

The Muscle lost is replaced with fat, and because fat is not supported by muscle, we get sagging in areas we want tight.

Loss of elasticity in the skin is also a culprit for droopy drawers, and bat wings.

You can reverse the problem of sagging with strength training, replacing muscle with fat.

And did you know muscle weighs more then fat?
So don’t obsess over the scale. Instead, make a goal of getting your waist measurement below 35 inches, NOT a goal of fitting into your high school jeans!

I have a 28 inch waist, never given birth to children, and still can’t fit into my high school jeans!

Our bodies just change with age. And in high school we aren’t even full grown yet, as some may think!
That’s why they have a Junior AND Misses Department! I can’t even fit my leg into a pair of Junior jeans anymore!

Back to saying goodbye to Miss Saggy Saggerson…
Strength training and proper posture are the answer to getting rid of the sagging butt, arms, and tummy!

Please call me if you need some toning time!
We’ll get you toned up, and standing tall and slim! 702-339-2809.
Happy to give you a complementary consultation.

In the meantime, stand up tall, pull your belly to your spine, and get your booty in line!

Alison Marsh-AM Pilates & Posture

Dr. Caroline Apovian, associate professor of medicine at Boston University School of Medicine

Brad Schoenfeld, lecturer in exercise science at Lehman College in NY

Author: Alison B. Marsh

Hi! I'm Alison B. Marsh. I am a Pilates instructor and owner of AM Pilates & Posture in Las Vegas, NV. I am also the creator of DK Body Pregnancy Pilates certification and blogger at Pre & Postnatal Pilates Education I am a wife to Chris, mother to Madison and Daniel (both adopted), Step-mother to Caitlyn and Kirsten, and mother to Zechariah born in July 2015, our first biological child. Feel free to contact me at

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