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Thank you for adding the importance of posture in relation to being a lady! Amazing how just sitting or standing up straight changes your appearance for the better!

The Well Bred Woman in Progress

Stop. What is one thing you can do right now to increase your elegance? Often I write about lifestyle, habits, and underlying character in such a way that it might seem a person has to be…to be. A teacher once told me that your beliefs shape your actions, but if you act contrary to your beliefs long enough, your beliefs will change to endorse your actions. So how to jump into the cycle of thought-action-thought-action-ad infinitum? Here is a list for starters. By the way, these are areas I struggle with daily because they are everyday actions, so doing them requires constant application of myself. But everyday situations have the uncanny habit of recurring, graciously affording the well bred woman in progress the chance to practice elegance, poise, and good breeding again and again.

1. Think before you speak. I suspect that the moments of time spent contemplating one’s words…

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Author: Alison B. Marsh

Hi! I'm Alison B. Marsh. I am a Pilates instructor and owner of AM Pilates & Posture in Las Vegas, NV. I am also the creator of DK Body Pregnancy Pilates certification and blogger at Pre & Postnatal Pilates Education I am a wife to Chris, mother to Madison and Daniel (both adopted), Step-mother to Caitlyn and Kirsten, and mother to Zechariah born in July 2015, our first biological child. Feel free to contact me at

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