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Q & A with Elite Synchronized Swimmer Rachael Simon

Rachael Simon, professional Synchronized swimmer/performer at La Reve in Las Vegas
Hi Rachael!
I need your professional input on some things pertaining to swimming.
1. How is your core strength involved in swimming? Pelvic core, transverse, hams, diaphragm, etc. Anything with the spinal muscles?
2. Cardiovascular? Why would swimming be better then other forms of cardio?
3. Anything else you want to add?

Hey Alison! Well, yes all of these muscles are used I would say- like equipment Pilates, with swimming you are moving through resistance constantly so it lengthens and strengthens muscles simultaneously, with a cardio aspect too.

Core Usage
You are constantly using your core muscles (back and front) to “balance” in the water and move through an unstable medium and stay streamlined. You are also using all these muscles to push and pull in order to both stay afloat and move forward through the water.

The breath pattern is very important, so the diaphragm is used a lot- most swimmers have some sort of rhythm to their breath in order to maintain speed (for example, breathing every 3 strokes, making sure to alternate sides),

Common Injuries
I’d say the most common injuries are overuse injuries (rotator cuff is a big one) from the repetition of the strokes. Sometimes hip injuries front the breaststroke kick is also common.
Hope that helps! Big hugs xo

There you have it! Swimming rocks the body!!