AM Pilates Studio

Located in Las Vegas, NV USA 702-339-2809

Studio Pics

7am View

The Chariot

Bicep Curl using the Reformer/Trapeze combo.

Pilates for Men-Plank Pull-Up

Pilates for Men-Plank Push-Up

The Parakeet – A Whole Body exercise utilizing ‘the core’ (abs, back, butt muscles, hamstrings), shoulders and triceps.

Pilates for Men-Plank Push-Up

Pilates for Kids-Monkey on the Trapeze bar

Hamstring and Hip Flexor Stretch
The Elephant – A whole body challenge; extension of the Plank.
The Lung Stretch – Stretching the Hip Flexors, Chest Muscles, Hamstrings, Neck, Spine

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