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Tame the Pain of Tendinitis

Adapted from NIH News in Health



That is the number of tendons you have in your amazingly created body!

Tendons make it possible for us to move-bend down to pick up our kid, reach up to praise God, shake a hand of someone new, turn our head to a familiar voice.

Okay, less sappy: Tendons make it possible to turn a door knob, throw a basket ball at Chucky Cheese (featured pic), fold laundry, etc, etc.

After years and years and years of repeating these life movements, our tendons may develop Tendonitis, an inflammation of these tendons.

The following are ways to help prevent tendonitis:

Two more tips:

1. Tighten your core Before and During ANY movement

2. Breath!

Go be awesome and tame those tendons!

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