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THE Resolution of 2014

THE Resolution of 2014

Positive Self Talk

Positive Self Talk vs. Fat Talk or putting one’s self down

An Epidemic:

The Problem:

Negative thoughts and words that are demeaning to you end up being self-fulfillig. If you think or say your fat, ugly, dumb, etc. these constant messages transform your brain to follow through. Relationships, career, and overall well-being are negatively affected.

On the other hand, if you think and say positive things to yourself (whether you believe them or not), you transform your brain to fulfill what you are thinking and saying. You stand taller and exude confidence, giving you the energy to engage in relationships and activities that bring you joy.

This year, make it simple! Resolve to banish negative self talk and thoughts (about others as well!)

Then all the other resolutions fall in place!!

My New Years Resolution for 2014

1. To think and say only Positive things to myself, to others, and about others!